Lectures 2016: Video

Video Q&A
How to get the drugs, doses and effects right: preventing drug errors: on prefilled syringes and beyond David Whitaker
Consultant anaesthesist, Manchester Royal Infirmery, UK
The missing link: wireless, automated drug detection and dosing registration Stephen Prince
La Jolla, California, USA

Treating the lungs well intra-operatively: which o2 concentrations and ventilatory techniques make sense?

Göran Hedenstierna
Uppsala university, Sweden

Clinical decision support system for ventilator settings: ready for the operating room?

Stephen Edward Rees
Aalborg university, Denmark

Understanding lung uptake of anesthetics: when worlds (don't) collide

Philip Peyton
Melbourne, Australia

The virtual anesthesia machine: what have we learned from vam?

Samsun Lampotang
Gainesville, Florida, Usa

Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla: complexities overlooked: things may not be what they seem

Andre de Wolf
Chicago, Il, USA

Towards trivial anesthetic drug costs: the 4€ perfect anesthetic

Jan Hendrickx
Aalst, Belgium


 Hugo Vereecke